Online gambling in Slovakia

People in Slovakia can enjoy online casino gaming and they have been able to do so for a long time by now. Since the early 1990’s it has been perfectly legal to play online casino games in Slovakia but it is hard to find regular land based casinos. There are plenty of vending machines and places to take bets but for Slovakians looking for true casino action, the online options are the best. The Slovakian casinos online are usually not Slovakian! They are offered in the native tongue but they are owned and operated by foreign owners.

However, Slovakia is still benefitting from the online gambling for Slovakian.  Operators must pay a heavy tax to be able to offer online games in Slovakia and this is a good solution for the country and the Slovakian players looking for the best online games.

Online Gaming in Slovakia

To offer online games in Slovakia, the companies must first of all get a license from the country’s Ministry of Finance. The gambling company that gets a license must be registered in Slovakia and also have their server or servers placed in the country. On top of this the operator has to pay a hefty tax of 27%. In Slovakia there is a state owned lottery company, Tipos. This company does offer games online such as keno, poker, sportsbooking and special lottery games. Tipos can also offer bingo online and scratch cards. The Slovakians love gaming online and this is something that Tipos realized when they could close their land based gaming services thanks to the online success.

Foreign Online Casinos in Slovakia

Since it is pretty straight forward and easy to get a license for offering online games in Slovakia, several casinos online have translated their software to Slovakian and they are now active in the country. The Government of Slovakia has proposed ways for stopping online casinos that are not licensed to offer games to the Slovakian players. In 2011, a suggestion was made for blocking ISP in order to regulate the internet gambling market in the country. This idea was not much liked by the member states of the EU since it was seen as way too harsh and also difficult to go through with.

The Future lies Online

In 2013, slot games in bars and pubs in Slovakia will become illegal through an amendment to the country’s Gambling Act. This amendment also makes it illegal to offer alcoholic drinks in connection to gambling services and casino operators will have to bar problematic gamblers if they themselves, or their relatives, request this. These rules are to improve the situation for the Slovakian gamblers and it also pushes for online gambling. In online Slovakian casinos the gamblers already have access to the kind of casino gaming which is responsible and free of drugs. However, the online Slovakian gambling providers will also be affected by the new changes to the taxes that will require more of those who make money on the Slovakian players, online and offline.