Casino poker and other skill games online

One could claim that online casinos offer 2 major groups of games: skill games and chance games. The skills games are usually played by players who want the chance to get involved and play with strategy. For the chance games you have to trust luck entirely and just hope that your bet will be a winner. With skill games there is an element of luck but add to this the opportunity to make wise choices that can increase your chances of winning.

The advantage of skill games online

The biggest advantage of skill games in online casinos is that they let you use your brain to influence the results. If you play your cards right in poker or blackjack, you might just win each and every game. There are online casinos that encourage techniques like card counting which makes them an excellent place to practice for the big online and offline events. It is well known that many of the current poker stars started their careers as regular casino players online. When you play skill games online you have the chance to relax and focus and truly get into the details of game play and strategy.

Video poker or casino poker

There are those that argue that video poker is not real poker and then there are those who claim that neither video poker nor casino poker are the real deal. Much can be said about this, but you can rest assure that these are skill games where your moves will matter. Video poker and casino poker are both variants where you play alone against the computer which for many gives the kind of confidence which is needed to advance. Having said this, one must be careful not to think that good results in casino poker and video poker equals good results in a regular internet poker room. For sure, it is always good to become skilled and understand the basics of poker well, but it is quite different to participate in rings games and cash games of a regular poker room than to play against the computer.


Blackjack is perhaps the number one skill game in online casinos. In this game you are also playing alone against the dealer. Even if you participate in a live blackjack game, you don’t have to worry much about what the other players are doing. You can’t compare blackjack with casino poker since these are different games with different rules. The only thing they truly have in common is that they can be influenced by skillful play.

Strategies for free

For blackjack games online you will find many useful strategies for free online. There are readymade strategy cards that will tell you exactly what to do, based on the hand you have and the card that the dealer is showing. It is safe to use these strategy cards but beware of shady strategies for casino poker and blackjack. There are plenty of crazy ideas out there that will only lead to further losses and more money to the casino. Picking the right strategies also demands some skills…