Playing roulette in online casinos

Since online games became available for anyone with a computer and internet connection, they have made it possible for anyone to enjoy roulette online. In regular land based casinos people can feel intimidated to approach the busy roulette table. If you are not sure about the bets, you might just go for something easier like a slots machine where no one will look at what you are doing. This feeling of insecurity is completely vanished in online casinos where you can play roulette as much as you want without any comments regarding your bets or luck.

The best version

It can be debated, but some would say that the best roulette game is the European roulette. This game can be seen as the original since the American version came later with an added double zero. In online casinos you will also find creative versions of internet roulette like mini roulette where you have fewer numbers to bet on. You can also enjoy roulette online with a progressive jackpot so that there is more to play for. Don’t count on winning the jackpot in your first round, but see it as additional excitement and fun.

In some casinos you will find even cooler versions of roulette like instant play roulette no download. One example of this is the game where you have 3 wheels and only 1 ball. In this game your chances of winning increase and therefore you might be asked to bet with more money.

Practice for free

To find out which version of roulette that you prefer to play you can try most of them for free. Free roulette games will not present you with a real chance to win money and they will also be easier to create winning results on. Keep this in mind and see the free games as practice. They will let you in on the possible bets and also on how to run the wheel. None of this is rocket science, but if you have tried the game for free before you start with the real bets you will feel a certain comfort to play for real.

Play with a budget

When you go on a casino weekend trip you most likely stick to a budget. Even if you can play online like a high rolling player without taking a vacation you should stick to this concept. Make a casino budget for your roulette games so that you won’t risk losing more than what you can handle. This is especially important if you enjoy going for the hard bets with big money. Winning on one number after making a giant bet is a thrill but you might feel just as satisfied to bet smaller on easier bets and win more often.

Consider your playing style and arrange your budget accordingly. If you are a high roller you also need to get to the right casino. In order to protect their players, the casinos online keep a limit for bets by the roulette table. You can learn more about the casinos and their betting limits in roulette forums online, by reading casino news or by checking specific roulette reviews out.